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BLalert, DNSBL monitoring.

13/08/2012 SPAM is defined as unsolicited bulk emails, especially advertising sent without your request. By sending the same message to multiple recipients without their consent is a waste of valuable IT resources and more importantly it causes people to ... More

Dragon Insurance web site is published!

04/06/2012 Dragon Insurance was in need of a web site. They invited us to their warm, friendly office and informed us about their firm. Based on their requirements and requests we prepeared three different web designs for them to choose from. The three de... More

Beşrenk Presentation System website is on air.

28/05/2012 Beşrenk Presentation Systems, which has been providing services to it's customers for over 20 years on advertising products and decorating decided to change their website and contacted us for help. They invited us to their very colorful and vib... More

Lingua Translation office website is online.

23/05/2012 Lingua Translation Office first contacted us to get support for their emails and later asked us to create a website for them. Lingua Translation prefered the Economic Kediy package for their website. After picking a design from our catalouge an... More

Muscle Disorders Registry System - KUKAS is online!

01/01/2012 The development of the project was handed to Uskur by the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and İhsan Doğramacı Children's Hospital Department of Peditrics, Child Neurology Unit of Hacettepe University. The aim of the project is to... More

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