Beşrenk Presentation System website is on air.

28/05/2012 18:00

Beşrenk Presentation Systems, which has been providing services to it's customers for over 20 years on advertising products and decorating decided to change their website and contacted us for help. They invited us to their very colorful and vibrant working environment (where a parrot meowed and waved to us!), and informed us about their firm. We started to design in line with what we've learned about them and their requests. Beşrenk also shared their knowledge and experience in design with us and as a result of joint work we released a very slick web site. For Beşrenk, which creates exhibition stands, display systems, interior decoration, we created a visual oriented web site. You can reach the website at

We will also be managing Beşrenk's social media interactions and will be helping them in e-mail marketing. Beşrenk has prefered to use the MailChimp infrastructure where we will prepare the emails that is going to be sent.