BLalert, DNSBL monitoring.

13/08/2012 13:40

SPAM is defined as unsolicited bulk emails, especially advertising sent without your request. By sending the same message to multiple recipients without their consent is a waste of valuable IT resources and more importantly it causes people to lose time and money. One of the most effective methods to deal with SPAM is to determine the IP addresses of the SPAMers and the publication of these IP addresses on "black lists". Recipient e-mail servers can then check the senders IP address against these listes to determine if they are listed and may refuse to receive email from them.

Although the Black List Name Servers (DNSBL: Based DNS Blackhole List or RBL)  method is an effective solution to the SPAM problem, from time to time "clean" IP addresses may enter these lists by mistake or due to temporary problems. These unintentially listed IP addresses may prevent non-SPAM emails to be received by their recipients. In these situations the administrators of email servers get aware of the problem after they receive problem reports from their users. This often leads to unwanted downtime and business losses.

Our new tool BLalert regularly monitors DNSBLs against IP addresses and reports their users if the IP ever gets listed. Entered IP addresses are checked agains 70+ DNSBLs and their users are informed by email or GTalk if the IP gets listed or unlisted. In addition, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on the status of the IP address are sent. Users can also log on to the website to see statistics and graphs about the status of the IP address.

The new tool can be access on